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Sediment Filter

This filter is used on the main sprinkler line before the water gets to the valves to filter debris from secondary water systems. The canister is clear so you can visually inspect the accumulated debris. No tools are needed to access the filter for manual cleaning.

  • Filters debris from secondary water systems
  • Prolongs the life of water purification filters and equipment
  • Uses centrifugal force to spin out sediment
  • Easy access for manual cleaning
  • Includes purge valve for quick one step flushing of sediment
  • Polyester screen is easily cleaned with a soft brush if needed
  • UV stabilized, weather resistant materials used for long service life
  • Up to 150 psi working pressure
  • Flow rates from 10 -50 G.P.M.
  • Filter body is molded PVC with slip fit ports
  • Works with 1 In. to 2 In. main water lines (adapters not included)
  • Replaceable filter cartridge

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1 1/2" PVC Model - 60 Mesh (250 Microns)(PP-38315) x 124.00$



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