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1/4" Barbed Elbow

1/4" barb elbow is used to join two ends of 1/4" micro tube together in a 90 degree angle.

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1/4 Inch(DR-40295-10502) x 0.45$
1/4 Inch - Bag of 10(DR-40295-10502-10) x 2.79$
1/4 Inch - Bag of 100(DR-40295-10502-100) x 12.00$

1/4" Barbed Drip Fittings are used in the installation of all brands of 1/4" micro tubing, 1/4" drip line, and 1/4" soaker hose. The barbed fittings are pushed into the inside diameter of the 1/4" micro tubing, 1/4" drip line and 1/4" soaker hose for a very tight-fitting connection. The barbed fittings can be used for a two-way layout or for three-way layout of micro tubing, drip line, or soaker hose. The 1/4" barbed fittings are used to connect the end of all brands of 1/4" micro tubing with .140 ID to .170 ID. The barbed fittings can also be used to attach the micro tubing to the 1/2" or 3/4" drip tubing.

1/4" barbed fittings are made of high impact plastic and have the largest inside diameter in the industry with a higher flow rate capability and lower head loss and a range of drip emitter, bubbler, and micro sprayer flow rates leading to greater installation flexibility.


  • Sharp barb design for secure and tight-fit installation without glue or clamps
  • Fits all brands of 1/4" micro tubing or 1/4" drip line with .140 ID to .170 ID
  • One piece construction
  • Made of high impact, high-strength, UV resistant plastic for durability and long life
  • Large inside diameter for maximum flow

Ways to use 1/4" micro irrigation fittings.

Micro Barbed Irrigation Fitting Installation

Typical installation.

Installation d'un Micro Spay pour Plate-Bande



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