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Hydro-Rain® Rain / Freeze Sensor

Hydro-Rain's HRC series hardwire sensors are designed to save water and limit damage to foliage by turning off sprinkler systems in rain and freezing weather. HRC series sensor installation will prepare your landscape for the ever changing environmental conditions of your geographical domain. No other major brand in the industry makes the freeze feature standard on every rain sensor.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable moisture activation—1/8",¼", ½", ¾", 1" rainfall settings for variable climates
  • Hygroscopic discs—Absorb water to activate rain switch
  • Reliable freeze sensor—Shuts off timer when temperature drops to 37°F, protecting vegetation from the effects of freezing water
  • For use with battery controller HRC-HRJIN07 
  • Quick rain gutter mount—No tools required for mounting the sensor to a rain gutter
  • Heavy-duty jacketed wire—30 feet of connection wire included and ready for installation
  • Conduit option—Sensor can easily be mounted to ½" conduit (adapter included)
  • Dry vent—Allows air to be circulated or dampened for fast or slow dry, effectively reducing time for the next watering cycle

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    HRC-990-RS-MD Rain Sensor Model(HRC990-04014) x 35.98$ Out of Stock



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